The Swat Chamber of Commerce and Industry was established in 2012. Being an apex body of businessmen and industrialists of this area, the Swatcci is playing a positive role since its inception. The prime objective of this august institution is to stimulate the trade, business and industrial activities in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and in the surrounding tribal belt. The Swatcci provides statistical and business database essential to the development of commercial and business activities and acts as a vital link to foster interaction between the local business community and the government. We have around 3000 members representing small, medium and large industrial and business concerns. In accordance with the Trade Organization Rules framed in the year 2013, a Chamber of Commerce and Industry is organized to represent trade, industry and services in a specific area as provided for in Section 3(2)(b) of the Trade Ordinance, 2013. It is a not-for-profit Association of Traders & Businessmen more like a Joint Forum for the protection of common interests and goals. The Chamber of Commerce & Industry works as a bridge between public sector & private sector entities. It also serves as an advisory, regulatory, consultative and supportive body for the government and business institutions. In terms of Trade Organization Rules, 2013, the Director General Trade Organizations (DGTO) under the auspices of Ministry of Commerce issues the requisite License to a newly formed Chamber under the powers conferred through Trade Organizations Ordinance 2013. A Chamber of Commerce needs also to be registered under the Companies Ordinance 1984 with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. All the functions of the Chamber are regulated and authenticated by Ministry of Commerce through DGTO. According to the new regulations, a chamber should have a threshold of a minimum of 150 members to qualify for the license. The license is granted by the DGTO for a term of 3 years and after expiration of 3 years, the license is renewed provided that the minimum membership requirement for a chamber is increased to 200 members. The chambers whose membership base is less than the required number may join an adjoining licensed Chamber. The composition of a Chamber consists of an Executive Committee, President, a Senior Vice President and a Vice President. The management of the business of the Chamber vests in the Executive Committee which consist 6 to 30 members who are elected for a term of two years. 10% representation in the Executive Committee is given to the women entrepreneurs. The Executive Committee represents industry, trade and other related fields, is the supreme body making administrative and development policies to be pursued during the year. The Executive Committee forms various sub committees/standing committees to perform various activities. The Executive Head of the Body who is the President is elected by the Executive Members for a term of one year. Similarly, a Senior Vice President and Vice President are also elected by the Executive Committee for one year term. Senior Vice President/Vice President perform the duties of the President in his absence.